SHLEMIEL’S Final Surge – Judy Gold’s Opening Salvo

We closed SHLEMIEL THE FIRST on January 20 with a sold out weekend. We surpassed budget expectations by $4,000. Much more importantly, we came together as an ensemble during the last 2 weeks of the run to deliver our best performances and sent hundreds home every night with big ole smiles on their faces.

In our fastest turn around ever, Judy Gold has blazed into town and we had our first performance of 25 QUESTIONS FOR A JEWISH MOTHER last night to 160 folks who responded with explosive laughter and pin drop silences during the incredibly varied and ultra dynamic piece. We’ve got a record advance for the show – we’re already third of a way toward our $77,000 single ticket goal. All of it’s hefty — our goals, her salary, the expectations — and the joy here is that we’re gonna make it — I’m somewhat hopefully absolutely sort of nervously cautiously wildly giddily worriedly optimistic.

Hey, that should be a song in the sequel to the (rancidly insipid, though I haven’t really seen it yet) musical I LOVE YOU YOU’RE PERFECT NOW CHANGE – a title almost as long as LOVE AND YEARNING IN THE NOT FOR PROFITS AND THE ANNALS OF HIGHER LEARNING (coming to a theatrical multiplex near you sometime this century).

Don’t miss Judy Gold. A whirlwind force of nature. A white Alyson Palmer (of BETTY RULES fame). A great person to have in our community. After one lovely day together, I can report that it’s been a very happy time.


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  1. NOOR seems a long while ago, perhaps, but she lives: January/February issue of “Muslim Girl” has six glossy pages of text and photos about Nafees Ahmed;
    some reference her appearance at
    “Theater J, a Jewish cultural theater in Washington, DC.” So, though the editor didn’t make it to after-play panel she did do her best to promote, and for a young actress who’s apparently only appeared in plays/films by her father and brother it’s certainly an amazing bit of national (and perhaps international) publicity.

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