Congratulations To The Cast of PANGS OF THE MESSIAH

Our production of PANGS OF THE MESSIAH has been mentioned in several year-end round-up recognitions, both in The Washington Post and Washington City Paper, and we’re happy for everyone involved in the show; from playwright Motti Lerner and director Sinai Peter, to the incredible cast including Norman Aronovic, Becky Peters, Joel Reuben Ganz, Laura Giannarelli, Lindsay Haynes, John Johnston, Alexander Strain, Michael Tolyado (and the voice of Dan Raviv!). Today Alexander got a pic in the Post and a great mention as did Michael and we’re thrilled for them both, as we are for our powerful production.

Our own year-end round up? 2007 was a very strong year. We saw our audience and subscriptions rise by over 12% and the programming was “full-on,” as they say Down Under. A little under-appreciated in total (I’m thinking of the wonderful EITHER OR in particular), and perhaps a little frenetic and over-extended on my part as a producer. It was a year of intense travel (as this blog fully documents), of blogging (17,500 visits and going strong), and more Middle East programming than you could shake a stick at. With more on the way next season, I can assure one and all.

Resolutions? Goals?

Write more. Find the passion everyday. Don’t tire from risk. Don’t be addicted to the affirmation of box office. Don’t be addicted to activity. Don’t be addicted to worrying. Don’t be addicted to anything, I guess. More time. For everything. More love; for everyone. Make some peace. Internally. In the world.

And too much death. Too many funerals. Remembering too many lovely people. And the untimely other deaths in our world. With a campaign underway. And a recession about to hit. It’s a new year a coming, with a world premiere musical being hatched — the largest project we’ve ever embarked upon. That speaks resonantly to the politics of charisma and what makes for a great, gifted leader and the dangers of overstepping, overreaching, and the onset of regret. I do look forward to DAVID. And to having the Prosky Family on stage for Arthur Miller’s THE PRICE. It will be lovely to reconnect with Miller posthumously. Perhaps we’ll have new plays to show him (and hopefully one of them will be mine; how’s that for a resolution).

Happy New Year to all!


2 thoughts on “Congratulations To The Cast of PANGS OF THE MESSIAH

  1. Congratulations on a great year and on a great season thus far. Living here in Israel, I still think about that memorable production of PANGS.

    I was sad to hear of Marcella Brenner’s passing. She made an incredible contribution to the theater and she will be missed.

  2. hey Zimgirl – Haven’t been checking out your blog like I should. You’re doing well, though, right? We’re back in Israel at the end of June. When do you come back? Eager to hear more. – Ari

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