Amazing Music, Happy Times

Here’s our end-of-year vow: Accentuate the awesome, emphasize the excellent, extoll the extraordinary, and banish the bad from our blog; at least for this holiday week. Today, Sunday, is a two-show day and in the middle of our two shows, we just got finished conducting an amazing conversation with SHLEMIEL THE FIRST violinist Daniel Hoffman and clarinetist David Julian Grey about the origins of the klezmer revival and their respective roles in helping to bring this (originally described as “Jewish dance band”) music to ever wider audiences. 60+ people from our sold out house of 220 stayed to hear Daniel talk about composer Hankus Netsky’s dip into the archival treasures of Jewish music for the score of SHLEMIEL. And then Daniel demonstrated on the violin his approach to composition on the current musical slated for a spring world premiere at Theater J, DAVID IN SHADOW AND LIGHT. Daniel ended the roundtable playing for us the young shepherd boy David’s lullaby to King Saul. It was lyrical and soaring and, you might say, touched the heavens and brought back a tear drop. That’s how beautiful it was.

And here’s another beautiful thought: The play keeps getting better and better. This afternoon the actors delivered their tightest performance yet. And now time to hear from our audience. The legions that are enjoying the hell out of themselves. We’re gonna be posting responses to the play, the production, as Joel Markowitz comes around over the holidays and we discuss ways of Interviewing our Audience! I think that will be an extraordinary opportunity — to hear directly from audiences leaving the theater. Let’s see what they have to say! And let’s hear from you as well.

I’m going out to the Midwest for 5 days with my family. Back on the 29th and right into more workshops for the musical DAVID with the great Daniel Hoffman, Yehuda Hyman, Nick Olcott and our design team. Today we had our choregraphers, the gifted duo from the Liz Lerman Dance Exchange of Peter DiMuro and the other Dance Exchange company member, Shula.

So stay tuned for audience feedback, more good words and good news on the little klezmer musical that’s selling up a storm… And making a whole lot of people happy too. Happy Shlemiel Times.