SPEED Closing, SHLEMIEL Beginning, and Flying Off to IsraDrama (schedule included!)!

So very quickly, some really good news:  We done good at the box office.

Speed-The-Plow closes tonight and will do so bringing in well over $44,00, exact figures dependent on walk-up sales for these final two shows.  And the walk-up (including sales from Ticketplace and Goldstar; day-of discount tix) — has been really strong.  So we’re gonna come in right close to budget despite two incredibly sluggish weeks right in the middle of the run, which had us all worrying. Isn’t it funny?  To go from $9,000 a week the week the first reviews came out, and then to sink to $5,550 a week for the next two weeks (as downer notices came in from The City Paper and Washington Times) only to rebound to $9,000 weeks to close out the run.  We benefited from more ads, good word-of-mouth, some free press in last week’s Weekend section in the Post.  And it all ends up with a first show doing exactly what it was supposed to do.   

We played to more audience members than we’ve ever played to before in a fall slot.  That’s right.  The October-November-Thanksgiving slot — generally our season opening slot — has always been one of limited appeal.  Last year’s $38,000 for Spring Forward, Fall Back broke our fall box office record and it’s good news that we’ll break that fall record quite easily again this season.  Since the fall is usually our smallest grossing show of the season, history tells us that our biggest opportunities are ahead of us.  And so we’re optimistic about everything coming down the pike, including rehearsals for Shlemiel the First which will begin right after another round of auditions for our season-ending musical, David in Shadow and Light, for which we’re 8/10ths cast.  More on all this shortly.

But finally to share this.  I’m going off to Israel on Tuesday to see an ungodly number of really strong plays.  Wanna see the schedule?    
And what I’m posting here is only what I’ll be doing for the first fours days I’m there. During the last three days, it’s a whole different conference that takes over. From IsraDrama to the International Exposure Festival. Care to know why there are two international festivals overlapping?All in due time. After all, my next postings will be ALL ABOUT Israeli politics, especially of cultural and theatrical variety. So stay tuned to more than you’ve ever wanted to know about Israeli theater. But having said all that, I think we’ll probably wind up making the case that everything beautiful and brilliant and bracing and exemplary about Israel and the future of Zionism resides right in the heart and soul of the plays I’m soon to be seeing. So, yes: There really is a lot to look forward to.

And here’s the schedule:

IsraDrama, Tel Aviv 2007 – Spotlight on Israeli Drama (in English)
November 28 – December 3, 2007

Wednesday 28/11/07

18:00 The Arab-Hebrew Theatre of Jaffa
Winter at Qalandia, adapted by Nola Chilton after Lia Nirgad

20:30 The Cameri Theatre 
Master of the House
by Shmuel Hasfary

Thursday 29/11/07
10:00-13:00 Beit Lessin Theatre
Spotlight on Savyon Liebrecht – Author and Playwright
I’m Talking To You In Chinese,
Apples From the Desert,
Sonja Mushkat,
The Banality of Love

Chaired by Oded Kotler

16:30 Habima National Theatre / Tzavta Theatre
Denuded by Miki Peleg-Rotshtein

18:30 The Cameri Theatre
In Spitting Distance
by Taher Najib
Project Rukab
post-show discussion chaired by Prof. Nurit Yaari

20:30 The Cameri Theatre, Cameri 1
Requiem (based on three Chekhov stories) by Hanoch Levin

Friday 30/11/07
10:00-11:30 The Arab-Hebrew Theatre of Jaffa
Spotlight on the Political Satire of Hanoch Levin: From Queen of the Bathtub to Murder
From plays by Hanoch Levin:
You, Me and the Next War
Chess, The Victory Parade
Queen of the Bathtub
The Promise
My Dear Father
In the Middle of Wearisome Life
The Patriot
Sabbath Candles
The Foundation Stone

T.V. News Report: An audience of young Palestinians at a performance of MurderChaired by Michael Handelzalts

11:45-13:00 The Arab-Hebrew Theatre of Jaffa
Contemporary Political Drama
Native Vine by Amnon Levy and Rami Danon
Longing by Gaby Aldor and the cast
Pangs of the Messiah by Motti Lerner (with Theater J’s Ari Roth!)
A Guide to the Good Life by Yael Ronen
Winter at Qalandia adapted by Nola Chilton after Lia NirgadChaired by Prof. Gad Kaynar14:30 Habima National Theatre / Tzavta Theatre

at Tzavta 3Abandoned Property by Shulamit Lapid

18:00 Beit Lessin Theatre at the Eretz Israel Museum
The Indian Patient by Reshef and Regev Levi

21:00 Habima National Theatre / The Cameri Theatre, at Arison Theatre
Hebron by Tamir Greenberg
Post-performance discussion chaired by Oded Kotler

Saturday01/12/07 10:00-14:00 Beit Lessin Theatre
Family and Society in Contemporary Drama
His Life’s Work by Shulamit Lapid
Alma and Ruth, Arava Café by Goren Agmon
A Child of My Own, Kibbutz L.A. by Hagit Rehavi-Nikolayevsky
The Big Sea by Yosef Bar-Yosef
Games in the Backyard by Edna Mazya
Tea by Roni Pinkovich
Househusband by Anat Gov
Cracks by Tsadok Tsemah
Mikveh by Hadar Galron
Family, Crumbs by Ravid DavaraChaired by Avishai Milstein

16:00-17:00 Herzliya Theatre / The Haifa Theatre at the Herzliya Theatre Pavilion
Black Rain by Shimon Bouzaglo
Excerpts from the play and encounter with the creators
Chaired by Prof. Nurit Yaari

20:30 Gesher TheatreYakish and Poupché adapted by Yevgeny Arye and Shimon Mimran after Hanoch Levin
Post-performance discussion chaired by Yevgeny Arye and Shimon Mimran

Sunday 02/12/070
9:00-16:00 Tour of Jerusalem (oy)
16:00 The Jerusalem Khan Theatre
The Khan Club: Spotlight on Michael Gurevitch – Playwright and Director
Transient Shadow
A Word of Love
We are the Cavalry
Osher (Happiness)
The Winners
(co-authored with Daniel Lappin)
Chaired by Prof. Nurit Yaari

20:30 Fighting for Home by Ilan Hazor (author of Masked, currently in NYC)

Monday 03/12/0710:00-12:30 Tmuna Theatre
Fringe Drama: The System by Nava Zuckerman and Tmuna Theatre
Mother’s Weddings by Yossi Yizraeli
A Fish in the Tummy by Lilach Dekel-Avneri;
Get a Life by Nitzan Cohen
Disintegration 1994 by Dudu Ben-Zeev
Chaired by Roy Horovitz and Lilach Dekel-Avneri

16:30 The Cameri Theatre, Cameri 4
Plonter (Tangle) by Yael Ronen
Post-performance discussion chaired by Prof. Nurit Yaari

20:30 Beit Lessin Theatre
Good Bye, Africa! by Hillel Mittelpunkt
Post-performance discussion chaired by Avishai Milstein

And more more more from the International Exposure Festival which continues through the evening December 5!


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  1. Thanks, Barbara, for checking out this itinerary in its entirety. There are truly some great productions here, hits that have been running in rep for some 2-3 years already. What a great thing that the Israeli repertory system keeps the strong productions in circulations. As a result, audiences from near and far get to catch up with work they’d ordinarily miss. I feel lucky to be seeing so many hits — on so many different subjects. Now let’s just see how well I understand them (in Hebrew) and how long I stay awake!

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