“Zelda’s Children”

It took 75 minutes for the WETA film crew to set up their lights and 15-20 minutes to conduct the interview. A nice gang of guys to spend time with. Our focus: Jewish theater-makers of Washington over the past century, culminating with the work we do at Theater J. I wound up singing just as volubly the song of the Washington theater scene at large. That DC’s stature as skyrocketing theater town lay not so much in the commercial bastions of burlesque and landmark movie houses (about which they’d just conducted a charming interview, they said, with the 95 year old founder of the Warner Theatre), but in the mission driven not-for-profit theaters of integrity powered by visionaries like Zelda Fichandler, founder of the flagship prototype, Arena Stage, with the gospel spread around town by newer institutional leaders like Joy Zinomin, Michael Kahn, Howard Shalwitz, Michael Kaiser; all Jews.

“We are all Zelda’s Children.” That was the money quote. Let them cut everything else.

The series airs in January, 2008. Details to come. Should be good.