A First Feature for SPEED

It’s taken a while, but someone’s finally profiled one of our three stars and, wouldn’t you know, it’s the youngster making a major name for herself amongst grateful audiences and theater folk catching this breakout performance. Meghan Grady is featured in Joel Markowitz’s excellent (as usual) interview on DCTheaterScene.com and I urge you all to catch her now so you can say—just as we are—that “we saw her when.”

Meghan, to use director Jerry Whiddon’s kind words about us, “is the real deal.” She’s a young performer with all the gifts. God Speed Her on her way.

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* Meet Meghan Grady
* Appearing in Speed-The-Plow
* One in a continuing series on Knockout Performances
* By Joel Markowitz

On Thursday, October 25th, I witnessed one of those rare nights in the theatre where a young actress had the audience eating out of her hands, or in this case – book.
Who is that scene stealing actress who is strutting across the Goldman Theatre stage and making putty out of a Hollywood producer in Theater J’s production of David Mamet’s biting look at Tinseltown – Speed-The-Plow? I had to speak to this actress to find out who she is and give her – as the book’s title suggests – some exposure.

Read the interview:


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  1. Thanks Ari for your kind comments. I see alot of theatre, and Meghan’s performance was so wonderful that I had to write something about it. I hope all of you reading this will run and see the show. I’ll be back next week just to catch this rising star again. I invite everyone to read the interview in our website – DC Theatre Scene

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