From Guest Artist Peter Birkenhead (aka “Charlie Fox”)

After two weeks of rehearsal I can tell you this: Speed-the-Plow is a
great Washington play.

It might be set in a Hollywood producer’s office, but it could just as easily take place in the Senate cloak room or an “undisclosed location.” The play is about power, envy, terror, duplicity, desperation, the desire to “do good,” and belief in apocalyptic visions. Most of all, it’s about the art of the possible. So walking to rehearsal and catching snippets of conversation about the President’s latest press conference or the Presidential candidate’s next debate has been like fifteen minutes of free research a day for me. But of course, the play could also be set in Detroit or New York or Moscow or Myanmar.

It could be set in the worlds of Big Oil, Big Pharma or Big Tobacco. It could be about academics, athletes or artists. Hollywood moguls and Washington pols certainly have no monopoly on hypocrisy, greed or truth-bending. But they are more famous for those uh, virtues than others are, and probably more fun to watch. I think we’re going to make it a lot of fun.

My castmates and I are having a ball, anyway. Danton Stone and Meghan Grady are superb actors: generous, smart, inventive, funny, and startingly honest, which is maybe the most important thing to be when you’re playing a liar. If you come to the show you’ll see what I mean. I promise you, Washington; you’ve never seen such honest liars. Or, well — maybe you have.