Sold Out!

What a wonderful, whacky roller coaster! It’s a 9 show, 3-day weekend for us, and it began with a SOLD OUT 7:30 pm Saturday night performance of ACCIDENT over at Studio Stage 4. They came from everywhere, friends of Amy’s, friends of BETTY, folks from the Human Rights Coaltion and the DCJCC’s GLOE (program for Gay and Lesbian Outreach and Engagement) and friends from my wife’s job, etc. And critics came too. And the show’s not even finished! But it’s good. And it was good at PANGS last night at 8. And we made money. And it was good at ACCIDENT at 9:30 last night. Where it was half sold-out and we made a little less money. But the performance was even stronger. Amy’s settling in. As we continue to tinker. With the beginning and the ending. Oh, and a spot in the middle too. Goods works. More after today’s whirlwind…

As I begin teaching once again for the Universities of Michigan, California, and Penn as part of their Internship Semester in Washington programs. And they’re all coming to PANGS this afternoon — we’ll be talking to Motti Lerner on the phone at 2 pm — he’s in Galesburg, Illinois at Knox College for another 5 weeks teaching and writing. It’ll be great to reconnect. And now, let’s copy that syllabus!