What’s With September? (Revised) I think I get it…

A little follow up from Tuesday’s posting (“Thank God It’s September!).
We haven’t seen the Back to School Bump we were hoping for. In fact, it’s been quieter. And so the weekend is critical.
Here are show times (I offer them in the hopes…)

Saturday at 8 and Sunday at 7:30
Monday and Tuesday (9/10 and 9/11) at 7:30 before we break for a Rosh Hashana holiday.

Meanwhile, Amy Ziff’s ACCIDENT had 50 people laughing, nodding, hushed, and then applauding in wonderful appreciation for her first preview. We’ve got shows at 7:30 and 9:30 Saturday — a benefit performance Sunday at 2:30 and a show again Sunday at 7:30 and a Monday night opening at 7:30.

Why so many shows?
To qualify for Helen Hayes Awards eligibility, naturally (don’t you hate “natch?”).
We need 16 performance over three weeks, and with the Jewish holidays thrown in, it’s not easy.

Anyway, I’m sure that explains part of the September quietude — people are busy — getting their lives and their heads in order. And we’ve got two shows we’re trying to jam into too short a time. But something good is going to come from all this. And maybe it will start this weekend.

In fact… Mr. Marks, I’m told, will do a Shout Out/Critic’s Pick for PANGS this Sunday. And this Monday is an Actor’s Special Night at PANGS (actors can reserve en masse in advance at the Rush Ticket price of $15 — by calling 202-777-3210 or writing to theaterj@washingtondcjcc).

The hunch is, after reading a blizzard of rave comments from friends of the production and friends of actors coming to see the show this week and last, I feel a critical mass building and, wouldn’t you know, by the time we get to our final weekend, we’ll be filling the seats, me thinks. So let’s hope for that. One big weekend can still pay for the whole extension.

And so the drama continues…