The Design Team, Cast and Crew

Cast and Crew of Pangs of the Messiah
Taken following the Saturday night preview performance of PANGS OF THE MESSIAH.
In the back (left to right): Sinai Peter (director), Michelle Elwyn (props), Ari Roth, Martha Mountain (lights), John Johnston, Joel Reuben Ganz, Cheryl Norcross (Assistant Stage Manager), Laura Giannarelli, Motti Lerner, Denise Castro (Light board operator and rehearsal assistant), Michael Tolaydo, Clay Teunis (sound)
In the front (left to right): Hannah Hakohen (composer), Kinereth Kisch (set), Becky Peters, Dalia Penn (costumes), Lindsay Haynes, Alexander Strain, Hannah Hessel


One thought on “The Design Team, Cast and Crew

  1. Hi Ari: My husband and I saw your play last night and were deeply moved by it. I guess you would call us righties and we believe beyond a shadow of a doubt that the settlers have gotten the raw end of the deal. Yes, the innocent are caught up in the blame as evidenced by Nadav. And yes, the settlers are accused of wasting too much of the precious resources of Israel as evidenced by your little sink and all the water pouring. But the settlers are the backbone of the State and were encouraged by the State for that purpose and are now being left out to take the flack by the State. Yes, again, they are fragmented but so are all political and religious movements. You presented a very accurate portrait of much of the internal conflicts. We would have liked to see some more humanity on their part and there is much humanity, hard work and true Zionism and love of our precious Land among the settlers. I guess the final question boils down to how much are we willing to give before we destroy the Land and ourselves. Look what happened in Gush Katif. We gave everything and got anarchy and murder in return.

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