Getting Ready or While We Haven’t Blogged

It’s been a while since Ari or I have blogged. There are excuses to make. I’ve been busy getting ready for Pangs and the Festival. Ari is busy trying to balance our budget before the fiscal year ends in July. And we’ve all been preparing for next season.

This week has been wild. People running around making T-shirts, making American water bottles Israeli and bringing our dead printers back to life. We’ve also been playing hosts to our wonderful Israeli Artistic team. They’ve found some time in between tech runs and last minute construction to do sightseeing and sip in DC culture by visiting museums and other theater

But now we are nearing opening Last night was our dress rehearsal and the first time we’ve had an audience. The cultural attaché at the Israeli embassy was there with her husband, a friend of the directors, staff and a journalist who used his broadcasting skills to provide us with news broadcasts that play a very important role in the show. as he was leaving he spoke with the actors talking about how it was for the first time that he’d watched his reporting effect the listener. ‘Usually I don’t see it,’ he said, ‘but here I am watching the reactions to these news stories.’

There is still work to be done and the next couple of days many of the loose pieces will be tightened. But even as it stands now I am incredibly moved watching it and I’m blown away by many of the performances. Also, totally in love with the design – it is Israel transplanted. All the pieces are Israeli. It feels so accurate, so real.

Tonight we get our first paying audience and I can’t wait to see how people react. The audience after all is what we do this for. Check back into the blog the next few days to see some audience reactions.