The Corrie Play Continues to Cause Controversy

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Headline: Under pressure, New Rep cancels play
Date: May 9, 2007

“The family of former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has forced Watertown’s New Repertory Theatre to cancel a planned run next spring of a one-act play about a 1976 hostage rescue mission because it was to have been paired with the story of a pro-Palestinian American activist.” (read the entire article by going to the link above)

We know the Yoni Netanyhu play in question, originally called YONI and later retitled TO PAY THE PRICE by Peter Cohen. A play we’ve passed on, but read with interest. (We also know the substitute play by the talented young Israeli-American author Zohar Tirosh.) It’s a shame that the family has withdrawn permission to an author who was serving Yoni Netanyahu’s legacy respectfully. A shame that MY NAME IS RACHEL CORRIE continues to take hostages whenever it’s produced by a not-for-profit theater company.

Our own foray into the Corrie controversy, Aaron Davidman’s “Chasing Justice/Seeking Truth” is going through its own titular make-over. keep reading
For a variety of reasons, the sub/surtitle, originally listed as “Musings on the Parallel (But Radically Different) Lives and Deaths of Rachel Corrie and Daniel Pearl” was changed this past week to “Rachel Corrie, Daniel Pearl and Me” as Aaron sought to make the very personal identifications with each of the figures within his inquiry more explicit. Today we’ve explored yet another version, still not yet ready for prime time unveiling.

The work-in-progress, written and performed by Aaron Davidman, performs at Theater J July 25-26 at 8:30 pm, July 28 at 8:00 and July 29 at 6:00 pm at Busboys and Poets at 14th and V.

Here’s the latest blurb:

In this hour-long monologue the playwright explores the pursuit of idealism and investigates how individuals are turned into symbols in the war of information. Taking stock of some of the recent controversies that have divided Americans and American Jews, Davidman considers the anatomy of anti-Semitism, what’s left of the Left and reflects on the spirit of dissent. Wrestling with sensitive subject material, Chasing Justice follows one man from America to the Middle East on a quest to answer some of the most difficult questions of our time.

Lots more middle east programming is percolating; artwork being assembled; brochures in formation; casting and travel arrangements. It’ll soon be All Israel, All the Time, but this weekend it’s still the fabulous intersection of Gerstein meets Shylock; Keneally crosses Bikel; Gero and Morella doing a do-si-do on the Goldman stage.

In short, a lotta hot stuff going on…


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  1. I hope blog readers click on the link. Particularly interesting is Rachel Corrie’s father’s comment at the end of the article. The Corrie play is being performed at the Contemporary American Theater Festival in Shepherstown WV this summer, an easy drive from DC. We are considering going to see what the fuss is all about.

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