The Quiet before the Storm

I am in the office today. For the first time in a long time I’m sitting at my desk for more than ten minutes at a time. Today we start Tech week. For those not familiar with what goes into theater-making tech is the time when all of the elements of production are brought together. Right now the design team is in the theater putting the finishing touches on set, lights and sound. The actors have the day off. Tomorrow both teams work together for the first time.

Yesterday we ran the show and it really is coming together.


The script is nearing the finished line. There is one scene that’s still being worked but it’s a small one, at most six lines.  But in a play even the smallest pieces are important.


Even if it’s quiet for me today it certainly isn’t in the theater. All the designers have been in and out today. The lights were focused. The costumes are getting finishing touches. The props are all being brought in. And the set, well, there has to be something not ready yet. It’s very close to being finished. It’s massive and Fascist and the perfect space to tell this story. But the technical staff hit a snafu today when they were unable to cut pieces of acrylic using Theater J’s saw blades. Much scurrying has occurred. The Production Manager and Technical Director called local shops, hardware stores and friends trying to solve the problem. Luckily a solution has been found but unluckily it means that the set will not be complete going into tomorrow’s rehearsal.


I’ll try to write a short post sometime tomorrow or Sunday to let you all know how it goes as all the pieces come together.