The Blog Continues – Back in DC

On the road again.

Quite literally, taking off on a 20 hour expedition to NYC to see two shows, an agent, an actor and a daughter (hey, that could be the new Hugh Grant movie). Car’s not the preferred mode of travel to the Apple, but the last Amtrak now, frustratingly, departs Penn Station at 10:05 pm (not 11 pm like on other days) and the show I’m seeing gets out at 10. So driving is the only way to be back before 7 AM Thursday, which/where I need to be since Kate leaves at 7:30 AM for a speaking engagement in Indiana, and Sophie (our 13 year old) needs to be at school by 8:15. I’ll be meeting Isabel – our 17 year old – up in the city. She’s been there on her spring break having a most excellent adventure. I’m happy for her, and happy that she’s loving New York. We haven’t seen each other since March 11, so it’ll be a nice reunion at MOMA in the afternoon. Before then, meeting with Morgan Jenness at Abrams Artists Agency (and we’ll see if that meeting brings any newsworthy matter), the actor Matthew Arkin about a most exciting proposition for the new season and, after MOMA, seeing a reading of GOLIATH by Karen Hartman–a new play set on the eve of Israel’s pullout from Gaza, as five characters, both Israeli and Palestinian, battle over ideology, economics, and home. “In the contemporary Middle East,” so goes the show’s promo, “who is David and who is Goliath?” This might be the perfect companion to the musical DAVID, IN SHADOW AND LIGHT, the show we’ll be premiering next spring. But I can’t spill the beans yet, right? The new season gets codified on Monday. And there’s still a few details to confirm. Still, seeing this reading tonight will tell a lot.

And Bernard Weinraub’s THE ACCOMPLICES, which we’ll be seeing two doors down from GOLIATH, is about a totally fascinating subject and subject matter. Now in previews, it’s about a man we knew, the father of Kate’s best friend. Here’s the description:

“In 1940, Hillel Kook, a.k.a. Peter Bergson, arrives in the US fresh from the underground resistance in Palestine. He seeks aid for the rescue of European Jews from the Nazis. Bergson is shocked to find himself blocked by both the Roosevelt administration and the Jewish establishment. Veteran NY Times reporter Bernard Weinraub writes a blistering account of the fight to save millions, and the conspiracy of silence and inaction that continues to haunt us to this day.”

Like GOLIATH, I’ve read earlier versions of this play, but lots has been happening to it in rehearsals and, since I’ve been hearing good things about it from two of the actors in the cast, now’s the time to check it out. So shall report back.

I guess that’s the good news about this blog. That it wants to continue.

In fact, it’s important now, that we keep a running record of what we’re presenting, seeing, grappling with even. I’d wanted to write in here both on Sunday and Monday as we wrapped up two nights of super programming with SOUTH SIDE STORIES, the concert and reading we did with Louis Rosen and Capathia Jenkins. I’d wanted to rave; I’d wanted to kvell. Now I’m just bushed and wanna go to sleep and be ready for tomorrow morning’s drive.

Looking forward to nice times.