Airplane Epiphany

Suddenly everything becomes clear. I’ve been handwriting in my private journal because not everything belongs on a blog, right? Ari talking to himself; Ari ruminating; Ari angsting; Ari dreaming; who needs to read that? Who needs to post that? I exhibit just a modicum of restraint. But over the course of these 8 hours on British Airways, my mood has lifted, beyond even the anticipation of seeing family (and staff, yes, of course), but to arriving at an understanding with myself about the meaning of all this travel. As a few of you know keeping track of my itinerary these past three months, it’s been a juggernaut, but it has been a journey of accrual. And one of things I now own, that I didn’t before, is a clarity as to what’s sent me flying all these miles. I have had things to learn and accomplish and connect and the ability to have done so and keep life in perspective has been the biggest accomplishment of all. To know how good and strong so many of the bonds that bind me to others really are. The bonds that bind me to myself and my bliss and the resonant zone of what’s important, what’s crucial, and what must be done… this informs everything involving what must be produced. Suddenly decision making about the season that is to come feels so clear. Even with some deals left to negotiate and some dates to finesse, I’ve seen what the season must be and can now work to make it so.

I see the meaning of my time with the large conference communities I bonded with at the Makom gathering in Israel this December, and now with the AJT community in Vienna. Private breakthroughs and intense interpersonal connections lead me straight back to all I love in my life back in DC. How strange and wonderful is that?

Well, does all this sound a tad cryptic? A tad New Agey? Am I all of a sudden going to write all sappy and Dear Diary-ish on the last day of this blog? Well, I just wanted to relay a heightened mood; a grander perspective; the broad design of our lives and how events and people move in and out and suddenly, one day it becomes clear what the reason for all these events must be.

I can’t wait to get back to work.