Ari Goes Dancing in Vienna!

Sorry, no pics from the astonishing scene of your foolhardy traveler going out with the rowdy Australian delegation here for a few hours of dancing along the Danube at Flex Club. We were celebrating a lot; getting through a long and terrific but not uncomplicated or undramatic day of presentations and one very long dinner with solo performances. I was thrilled at the performance of the actors (Jim Libby as the Adapter and Robert Ritter as Peter Sichrovsky) in my play that was followed by spirited discussion. Ati Citron did a terrific presentation on the fraught but fascinating efforts at cooperative collaboration between Arab and Jewish performers during his tenure running the Akko Theatre Festival.

The bonus that’s just come over the transom is the full text of Theordore Bikel’s keynote address to our “congress” (it’s really a conference but Vienna is nothing if not bombastic so, in a nod to Herzl, we’re calling this a theatrical “congress”) on Jewish theater—what it is, what it isn’t, what it can should and can and must be. Read it. One of the great pleasures here is to be able to hang out with Theo and Tamara Brooks from one session and one meal to the next. They can’t wait to return to Washington for SHYLOCK, and I know we can’t wait to welcome them back.

Well, I can’t wait to take a shower any longer! I have an 8 AM rehearsal to play Moses in a one-act by MIT professor and former provost Alan Brody – it’s one of eleven scenes that will be part of our International Playwrights Forum tonight.

Plenty of dramatic incident to tell and to share – but not yet. Just imagine the drama of me on a dance floor. My young staff shudders at the thought, I know.